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looks nice!

How can we help women in Jordan to play an effective role in decision making process?
got no ideas !!!

Do you believe in woman's right to work?
yes 100%

Are Jordanian woman given equal opportunities to men?
not all ill give it a 40%

How can we encourage women participation in economy?
educate, more !!!!

As a woman, do you know your rights?
as a man i think thaye all should know

Do you think that social barriers play a role in the low percentage of women in the labour force?
cant decide , non of my business

Maybe we need to talk about skills, qualifications, benefits and opportunities - before we focus on gender. If we keep hammering on the empowering of "women" - it's almost immediately viewed as sexist discrimination.. a tired song... and we all know how that goes.

What if we empowered people? Talked about amazing stories and remarkable people, before categorizing them in this gender or that...

And a bit of reverse psychology perhaps is needed. What if we empowered men to become more tolerant about gender integration?

Just wondering if it's time for a shift in the convo and tone.

What kind a platform are you thinking to put your ideas on?
First of all you should think who might be your target?
Other women? Man politian? Women politician? Youth? university students?
Whenever you figure this out you should think where to put it?
Blog or wiki and maybe adding a twitter or facebook group or page


well, I have to say I do agree with Nadine..and, actually, also looking to the workshop students, the women don't seem to be less in number or less empowered than men, bel 3aks:)

but the work of this group could be interesting since there are two men involved, and actually I've heard that at least one of them doesn't agree on the way the female majority is dealing with the issue..so, men pls speak out;-)

btw, you might be interested to join this group on Linkedin which has a very funny name "women 2.0":

i agree totally with Nadine on the ned to empower men to become more tolerant about gender integration.Maybe we should start by doing this with our children.

thank you >>>we have in jordan many
amazing stories and remarkable people to speak about women and men >>>>>but believe me women still have problem with their community and their family on their stereotype images> we need legislations for women benefit.more awareness about their roll >>>

This is a noble and much-needed mission. Further to Mohamad's comment, kindly check out this Daily Star article on women's activism in Egypt using FaceBook.


@majida - yes there's a lot of road to cover for women's rights and to breakdown stereotypes...and in that same breath, I say there's also a lot that needs to be done for human rights in general.

On the empowerment of women - I believe in the merit system, simply. Women should not qualify for a role because of their gender, if her skills and abilities merit it, then a women is the best person for that job.

For example, the women's quota in our parliament is ridiculous! It basically says that even if you're not the most suitable MP candidate, you get a seat if you're a woman. How can society progress and grow towards respect with such an attitude? How can you empower this gender, when you don't even qualify for a role?!

Women are sometimes their own worst oppressor. If Jordanians want women in parliament, we ought to lobby around the country to find remarkable women, understand them and our needs. Then join forces and make this candidate so strong, powerful, convincing, campaigning for issues with reason, action, with a progressive attitude and respect, and get her elected with a tribe of followers who are believers and doers. Only that kind of MP can be useful to women in Jordan and society in general. Everything else just sounds good to a press release.

On a lighter note, there's fantastic line Chris Abani shares quoted from his own mother: "Anything a man can do, I can fix". Here's his TED talk on stories of our shared humanity http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/chris_abani_muses_on_humanity.html

thank you " nadine "but we still need quota in jordan to make people get used to having women in parliament and every where related to decision making. We need to be represented in the boards of directors of companies and chambers but without qouta this might never be achieved.

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