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Hello this Majd :)

Hey !! yes ! i think the class has just started !

Well , my name is Mohannad Shahwam , i present talk shows on Sawt Al Madenah 88.7 Fm , online www.887.fm

Thats all for now i think

Cheerz !

I meant of course this IS majd :)

Hi. Hopefully, this will work. Welcome everyone.

ev1 this is Criss

Lutfi Zayed, Graphic Designer at the RFC.

Can't wait to get strated!

Thanks Joi

hello all this is mohammed shamma

Nice site, does the domain rfconlinemedia.net belong to the RFC or TypePad?

mohammad Alshawish
marketing executive in Al Quds college
member in luminus group

Hi all

hello everybody this is really nice .this is my first remark

Am Moe from Beirut, and am very glad to attend a workshop by Mr.Ito, am sure this will improve my skills.

hellooo everybody

hi all

hello everybody, I am glad being with you today, the class is interesting


This aljazi

Hello everyone , once again . . . my name is Mohammad Al Yousef ( the guy with the red Shirt ) , i work as a Marketing Manager for Luminus Group ( the holding group that owns SAE Institute Amman , Bell Language Center Amman and another 6 educational Institutes including Al Quds College , Vocational Training Center..etc
I am really excited about this workshop as we really need to explore this new world of e-marketing and online advertising and hopefully learn how to spend smartly , efficiently and most important : creatively :)
Looking forward to working with all of you

P.S : Joi ; pleased to meet you


Hello every one :)

hi all this tariq

my name is annal i like this class

hi every one

Hello all, can't wait to benefit from the experiences of all

Hi Every one
here we start


What makes typepad better than blogger or wordpress?
Is there any main difference?


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